2017 was another great year of platooning with all of you in WoT Blitz and I am very happy to report now the winners of the second six month prize for Top Platooner as well as the Top Platooner of the Year.

For those of you who do not know, the 6 month prize is 3600 GOLD and the Top Platooner of the Year prize is an awesome 5000 GOLD!

Asia Server
6 Month Winner – [PSF-R] TheTeenBoy
Top Platooner of 2017 – [PSF-R] TheTeenBoy

Congratulations TheTeenBoy, enjoy the 8600 GOLD!

NA Server
6 Month Winner – [HJG] TheDiamondMiner18
Top Platooner of 2017 -[HJG] TheDiamondMiner18

Congratulations to TheDiamondMiner18, enjoy the 8600 GOLD!



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